Training - Site & Study Staff

FIRECREST makes real-time training interactive, user-friendly and fast. Designed and developed by clinical and medical experts for accuracy our customised training programs have complete monitoring and certification options, and can be localised in multiple languages. Fifty thousand GCP courses have been completed by investigators and site staff through FIRECREST.

Modules available

  • GCP Personal Training (TransCelerate Attested)
  • IMWG
  • Expanded Disability Status Scale
  • Conducting the 6-Minute Walk Test
  • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations

ICON’s clinical experts take protocols and develop role-specific training programs for all study personnel. Using dynamic multimedia — from presentation decks to hyper-real 3D video — FIRECREST Virtual Training makes study-specific training interactive, engaging, and user-friendly: 

  • PowerPoint LessonNarrated PowerPoint presentations provide detailed, always available, simple training sessions, for example Protocol Overviews (POs).
  • 2D WorkshopCustomised graphics and narration for your PO to improve engagement and knowledge retention and accelerate the training process.
  • 3D MasterclassOur award-winning 3D training videos and visualisations, have been proven to reduce deviations and queries. They showcase your compound and describe the disease pathology and mechanism(s) of action using hyper-real graphics for the deepest understanding.